Coaching Mind Game
Coaching Mind is a coaching game that will support you on your life journey.


Coaching Mind is a developmental game, a deep thinking tool and a self-coaching instrument for you to achieve your dream results in any area of life. It is designed specifically and exclusively for you. It will adapt and follow your mind.


What is Coaching Mind?

What is Coaching Mind?
Developmental game
Deep thinking tool
Self awareness enhancer
My dream results producer
Self Coaching instrument
Learning tool

Why start

Why should I start

Why should I start?
To set goals and achieve results
To develop plans
To learn about self
To find motivation and support
To find something new
To have fun
To try coaching

How it works

How it works

How it works?
You start the game by choosing a random question.
May be your question is not so random after all. Who knows?
You play the game, write your answers and end up with surprising results, action steps, and your own achievements
You can review your results later and send a summary to your email
You will find a game in the game for fun and relaxation
Would you like to try?

Example of use

Examples of use

Examples of use
You want to improve your relationships
You have question marks about your business life
You want to develop a new plan for future
You want to find solutions for some problems
You are looking for productivity
You search for more meaning in life

For coaches

For coaches

For coaches
Enhance your services with a strong coaching tool
Support your clients in between sessions
Broaden your market – reach a segment of new potential clients
Use the application as your “Elevator speech”
You can just suggest: “Here is a link and my business card


Why do I have to write my answers?

Writing is the best way to keep and notice your progress. When you write even if you do not remember what you write you still actualize the content. That is how your brain works.

Why do I have to evaluate four areas?

Looking from all 4 areas assist you to notice the whole picture. Sometimes only this exercise brings a huge wisdom into your life.

Do I have to do action plans?

It is totally up to you. Thinking about an action plan is like “creating a path” and doing, acting is like “walking on the path”. It will take you to the place that you want to go.

What is the optimum time interval between games?

Generally intervals of one or two weeks work well. More than that may create a distance and you may lose your focus.

Do I need to have a personal (one to one) coaching session or is this a replacement?

This is not a replacement for a personal coaching session. However this is a great complimentary tool for continuity in coaching or get to know coaching tool.

When can I expect first results?

Generally results begin to appear in your life after 3 full games. You need to do a full session with follow up actions steps.

How many times should I play to get some benefit?

Already the session might give you great benefit. The most critical things are to “think” deeply and take actions afterwards.




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